Looking for a unique vacation in Illinois? Airbnb has a ton of places to stay that are far from your average night's stay when you're away.

You've probably used Airbnb to rent a house somewhere, but have you used it to rent a train car? That's something you can do right here in Illinois. It's actually not too far from Rockford. The train car Airbnb is located in Plano, Illinois which is just over an hour from Rockford.

This train car is from 1905 and the Airbnb listing describes it as -

Travel back in time to the private Pullman train car, the Constitution. Built in 1905, it served as "Air Force One" for presidents Harding and Wilson. The original car consists of four state rooms, an observation deck, a dining room, and a galley. Two large living rooms with fireplaces, a master bedroom and bathroom have been added on. When the president of Illinois Railway Museum visited, he said it was the most well-preserved Pullman train car in the U.S.

Not only that, there's a pool!

Here's some pictures from this Airbnb -

Train Car Airbnb

They also include a YouTube video with a full tour so you can get the whole experience of what it will be like.

It's around $200 a night to stay and you can read more details or book your stay on Airbnb's page for the "The Pullman Train Car "Constitution"".


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