Inmates at a Wisconsin prison have been paired up with some dogs that can't be adopted.

When a dog ends up in a shelter, the goal is to get them to a forever home. Unfortunately, some of the dogs come from bad environments, so they can't be offered up for adoption immediately. They need to go through special training before they join a family. That could be a difficult undertaking because of a lack of funding and not enough volunteers.

Also, inmates going through a drug addiction rehabilitation program need activities to help them get through the process. Being in jail puts limitations on what can be done. Caring for an animal would be a great opportunity.

A jail in Wisconsin has paired these two unlikely groups together to give them both a new lease on life and the gamble has paid off.

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"The Rock County Jail hopes that relationships between dogs and their owners can help certain inmates overcome addiction issues. It’s part of the Canine Corrections Academy, which was designed to provide a second chance to unadoptable dogs and inmates suffering from drug addiction.“Unadoptable” dogs are matched with inmates enrolled in the Rock County Jail RECAP program for substance abuse."

“The inmates work with the dogs to attempt to deal with some of the issues they may have, and they try to get them trained to the point where they’d be good dogs for somebody to adopt. They've been successful in a majority of the cases, of the dogs that we’ve received.”

“One of the things this program does is to teach people how to care for somebody else. It really teaches them to think beyond themselves. For some people, that’s a new skill and it’s a very valuable thing to learn. Since the program’s start in 2014, twenty-seven dogs have passed through it. Inmates have helped seventeen off them find forever homes."

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