Rockford inmates in the Winnebago County Jail will soon be able to use tablets.

When I think of someone being in jail, the movie Shawshank Redemption immediately comes to mind.

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Or maybe 48 Hours with Eddie Murphy.

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Well, that's not reality. Especially, nowadays.

According to,

"The Winnebago County Public Safety Committee approved to provide tablets for inmates."

At first, I thought this wasn't a good idea. The inmates are in jail for a reason, so they shouldn't get luxuries like that.

I will try to be open minded, so I will look at their reasons why this would be a good thing.

  • "Reduces inmate to officer assaults by almost 40 percent, 50 percent on inmate to inmate assaults and reduces suicide rates."
  • "Provides inmates with educational training, support programs."
  • "No cost to county taxpayers."

I can support the program if it can help.

  • Reduces violence in jail.
  • Provides education for inmates to be productive when they are released.
  • No cost to taxpayers.
  • Use of tablets is policed by guards.

What do you think about the tablet program?

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