Does it make you old when the first place you worked, shows up on an "abandoned businesses" YouTube video channel? This place has been empty for a VERY long time, but does bring back some great memories.

The Eagle Grocery Store on West Galena Ave. in Freeport was my very first job. I was fifteen and bagging groceries. The "fun" part of this job is where you would work what they called the "bottle room." Back in the day when people would drink soda in glass bottles, you would return them and get some change back. All of the bottles were brought to a storage unit in the back, and your job was to stack the bottles by brand so the reps could come pick them up. The best part was the bottle room was cold like a freezer, so working the bottle room in the summer months was great!

I worked the carport, bagged, stocked shelves, and then POOF the Eagle Grocery store was gone. This building has sat empty since the 1990's. I was excited to see this location show up on the "abandoned tour" list...It's been many, many years.

So why does it sit empty? Why has no one bought it and turned it into something else? Why hasn't it been knocked down, it's pretty much an eyesore now.

Hopefully these, and other questions get answered here. This is a tour of the abandoned Eagle Grocery Store in West Galena Ave. in Freeport, enjoy!

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