Mandates, laws, rules, judgements...The state of Illinois tends to get REALLY carried away with some of these things. Do this, so that, do what I say not what I do....We've ALL been frustrated at time with what we hear and see in the media.

Why not give these laws and rules a splash of humor? There's way too much serious going on right now, so how about some laws and rules that will seriously make you question the sanity of this state. I don't even know if some of these laws still get upheld in the state of Illinois, but it's worth a look.

From ONLY there are a handful of laws that will freak you out. First off, how does someone come up with these laws and ideas? So here are the best six laws that will make you question the sanity of out state. Get ready to shake you head:

It is illegal to eat in a burning building. So those Hot Pockets might look tempting, but if your house is on fire you better get out or you will get arrested?

In Chicago, IL it is illegal to go fishing in your pajamas. The ones with the feet are even a no-no. You better be dressed correctly, and nit in your PJs if you wanna go fishing.

It's illegal to give whiskey to dogs. Typically dogs are Tequila drinks anyway...Seriously this is a law in our state.

It's illegal to mispronounce Joliet. Now I am guilty as hell of this one. Is it Joelee-et. Is it Joly-et? Depending on if you are from there, been through there, everyone says this one differently.

It is illegal to give a pet a cigar. So no whiskey, no cigar, I guess it's treats and canned dog food for your little buddy.

In Ottawa, IL it's illegal to spit on the sidewalk. Better make it into the grass if you are gonna hawk one in Ottawa.





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