Our brand new Teacher of the Week, along with her school, did something for their kindergartners that will melt your heart.

The pandemic year of remote learning was tough on many, families with children 'going' to school for the very first time, were especially stressed out. That stress was likely felt by the kids, too.

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Their first school experience was a mixed bag of whatever these brilliant teachers could put together to make sure it was the best and as effective as possible (through the small screen of a laptop or tablet).

This is where we get the chance to acknowledge a teacher, and a school, that made a decision to do something pretty special on behalf of those little ones.

Gracie Caltagerone, from Cherry Valley Elementary, is our new Teacher of the Week. Her nomination letter was written by Emily Potocki, whose daughter's first school experience ever was through a video screen with Ms. C on the other end.


My daughter had the privilege of having Ms Caltagerone as a kindergarten teacher remotely last year. To say that she went above and beyond for each and every one of her students as best she could given the circumstances is a complete understatement. Mid-year we found out that we were going to have even more of a privilege. Ms Caltagerone was going to teach in person next year and move up to first grade and keep all of her students in her class that she taught remotely in person!! This brought such ease and excitement to me and my daughter.

During the school year she dresses up in different costumes in correlation to the books that they are reading or lessons that they are learning. She is always readily available to talk to us parents and keep us informed as to how our kids are doing each and every day. They say that some people are just born to do certain jobs and I truly believe that she is following her passion and being the best teacher she can be. Her passion and love for her students and teaching is like nothing I’ve ever seen. I hope and pray that she can be spotlighted as the amazing teacher that she is for all of our students. Thank you so much!


We got to surprise Ms. C with a beautiful floral arrangement from Broadway Florist and a delicious cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

If you have a teacher you'd like to nominate to be 97ZOK's Teacher of the Week you can tell us all about them in a nomination letter right here.

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