Chicago Bear's players will be allowed to celebrate after scoring a touchdown.

Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, could be one of the most hated people in pro sports. He has tighten up many of the rules of the game and fans don't like it.

For a long time now, the NFL has been nicknamed the "No Fun League" by the fans. They believe the commissioner has taken away the personality of the game. They want the players to be able to express themselves.

I use to enjoy the touchdown celebrations. It added another aspect to the game. Some players got really original with their dances. Who could forget the Icky Shuffle, the Fun Bunch, or the Dirty Bird.

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According to,

"In a letter to players, Goodell wrote that previously penalized celebrations, including making snow angels, using the ball as a prop and engaging in group demonstrations, will now be legal."

Sounds like Mr Goodell is looking to get some good publicity to help get on the fan's good side.

Looks like some of the Chicago Bear's players might want to work on their dancing and improv skills during the off-season. There's nothing worse than a bad touchdown celebration.

I can't wait until next year at the NFL Draft. Expert Mel Kiper Jr's evaluation of a player. "He's fast, great hands, can take a hit, and he has a great touchdown dance."

I hope this brings back more fun to the league.

What do you think, should they allow celebrations again in the NFL?


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