At some point, we've all done it. If you live in Illinois, there's a good chance that you may have blown through the I-Pass lane even though you do not have one. You tell yourself that you'll go right home, log on to the Illinois Tollway website, calculate your wicked ways and pay them. You see where this is going. You forget. Then BAM! It's an $18,000 bill. That happened to a man in Washington state. According to King5 news in Seattle, Tom Rose got the bad news after his newly licensed teenage son continued to blow off paying a toll on a local bridge while driving dad's car. Rose said he never received any notice or earlier bill until the one he opened the other day that demanded the large amount--$1,360 in unpaid tolls and over sixteen grand in penalties.

It got me wondering. What is the protocol in Illinois if one was to 'forget' to pay some tolls? Does an Abraham Lincoln lookalike show up to your house and beat you over the head with his stovepipe hat? Do you get sentenced to a week as Rod Blagojevich's cellmate? I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they don't even hold your driver's license hostage. There are several layers of levels of action that the state takes before they get really really mad.

Late last year, the Chicago Tribune reported the biggest tollway scofflaws in Illinois. As of the third quarter of 2014 there were 283 persons or entities that owed just under 9 million dollars in unpaid tolls. I'm so cheap, that if I waste a forty-nine cent stamp, I lose sleep. I can't imagine owing nearly $900,000.

Toll Scofflaws and the amount owed, as of November 2014.

  • 1) MMM Trans in Wheeling-  $890,748.90
  • 2) 101 Express Limo of Prospect Heights-  $790,480.68
  • 3) TGL Logistics of Glendale Heights-  $633,502.85
  • 4) Bridges Excavating of Oak Lawn-  $364,510.05
  • 5) Premium Logistic Services of Niles-  $287,744.10
  • 6) Elite Cartage and Intermodal of Bolingbrook-  $259,345.45
  • 7) Landa Transport of Frankfort- $214,859.10
  • 8) Steves Underdog Trucking of Hinckley-  $192,742.20
  • 9) Mahmoud M. Abu Asseff/NU Image Towing of Berwyn-  $186,332.15
  • 10) SB Taxi of Glenview- $158,556.15

Nice job Stateline area! Not one of the top ten are from our area. In fact, I dare say they are all from the Chicago area. I bet they all "know a guy."