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The 2020 healthiest cities in Illinois is an interesting concept, considering everything that is going on with COVID-19. Being in great mental health is just as important and you physical health during the pandemic.

In times of trouble we as a society tend to lean on "crutches" such as overeating, alcohol, drugs, or simply finding any sort of "comfort" regardless of how unhealthy it might be. While personally I do enjoy an intense workout to deal with stress, Ben & Jerry's is pretty amazing...America.

From NICHE comes a list of the healthiest cites in Illinois, and they all get a letter grade. This list is put together like this...They rank the cities based on:



Alcohol abuse


Access to healthcare

Mental health

Fitness centers

So based on that, what letter grade would YOU give Rockford? According to this study, Rockford received a C+. Springfield received a B-, and Peoria a B-.

The information for this study was mostly obtained through the Census. Have you filled out your Census yet?

Here are the top ranked Illinois cities, that made the list across the country:

  • Naperville  A+, #21 across America
  • Chicago A-, #6 across America 
  • Elgin B-


Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:


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