Not sure how you can overrate something you enjoy but people do it all the time.

Another thing, I'm not sure how you can take an entire city and call it "overrated" either.

That said, Instagram user Matt Shirley asked his followers (or not) to find the most overrated cities in America.

For Illinois, the "people" chose Naperville.

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According to, Naperville is ranked as the #1 Best City to Raise a Family in America.

Public Schools, Housing, and Diversity all received "A" grades, while Crime & Safety, and Nightlife pulled a "B."

Naperville, Unsplash

Besides being the best place to raise a family in the US, it's also the home to the best public schools in the country.

Naperville is also considered the 3rd best city in America to buy a home.

Naperville, Unsplash

People say Naperville is "extremely welcoming" and "thriving."

So overrated? Probably not.

Google Maps
Google Maps

A joke? Most certainly. One good look at Shirley's Instagram shows just about every one of his maps or graphs is posted with his tongue placed firmly in his cheek.

It's all fun, and if anything, it proves Naperville is really a great place to live, study, and work. If you need more proof, Madison was named Wisconsin's most overrated city, and we all know that's a bunch of malarkey.

If you actually agree and believe Naperville is overrated, all the metrics would show you'd be wrong.

However, you can see some of the most dangerous places to live in Illinois below.

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