There hasn't been enough legal marijuana in Rockford to cover the demand, so you might want to start growing your own.

Legal cannabis has been very popular in Rockford. So much so, the supply can't keep up with the demand. That's been a problem for customers. Lines are long with limits on purchases.

This has affected medical marijuana subscriptions. They aren't always able to fill their subscriptions. There is a solution to that problem. Cardholders are able to grow their own.

According to,

"More medical marijuana users here are growing their own cannabis plants as a result of high prices and shortages of buds. Even though marijuana dispensaries must reserve a certain percentage of products for purchase by medical marijuana users, the supply of the most popular cannabis product — bud, also referred to as “flower” — has tightened since recreational marijuana possession became legal in Illinois on Jan. 1."

"Those who hold medical marijuana cards in the state can possess five cannabis plants 5 inches or taller at home if they own it, or if they get a landlord’s permission. But the grow room has to be locked and can’t be visible from the street. It’s cheaper” than buying it at the dispensary"

It's easier said than done.

"Getting the seeds to grow marijuana plants in Illinois, though, can be a Catch-22. Dispensaries here aren’t selling them, and ordering seeds from dispensaries in other states can be complicated because cannabis use remains illegal under federal law. But not every medical marijuana user wants to grow marijuana. Growers have to commit the time to care for the plants. How many people grow their own tomatoes or brew their own beer?"

Do you grow your own?

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