Some people shouldn't be allowed to drink, or reproduce...This lady meets both of these. NewsObserver

Alana Raymond parked her van at a Kwik Trip gas station, left the keys in the ignition and the vehicle. Her three kids were inside the van on a Monday morning, as the drunk mom just decided to leave.

Video cameras at the gas station got this "Mom of the Year" getting out of this van and into another vehicle. these poor kids were alone in this van for around 30 minutes.

Drunk Driving

Where did Mom go? Well, apparently she didn't completely leave in this other car, because cops found her walking down the side of the road. She actually waved down a cop car, because she was lost...and drunk, really drunk.

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Officers gave Alana a sobriety test and she didn't do well. Her blood alcohol was .228, almost three times the legal limit. Now why did she leave these kids alone in the van? At first she claimed that she didn't do The kids drove there by themselves?

She was hammered, abandoned her kids in a gas station parking lot, and was walking around lost. I don't know how YOUR Monday morning went, but that one was something else.

Alana was charged with:

Three felony counts each of child abandonment

Child neglect

Operating a vehicle while intoxicated with children under the age of 16

Just when I think I have met the Mom of the Year, I read another amazing story like this.



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