It's gross...But, I suppose depending on the situation we've all done this at some point right? Spitting on the sidewalk in Illinois is "ok," it's "legal" unless you are in this one Illinois town. ONLY

So here's the deal, if you are in Wood Dale, Illinois DO NOT spit on the sidewalk. It's more than just "gross"'s something that will find you in a whole bunch of trouble.

There's an entire section in the Wood Dale, Illinois guidelines all about spitting. Seriously. They take this whole spitting on the sidewalk thing, serious. CODE

Sec. 6.106. Spitting.
It shall be unlawful to spit or expectorate on any public sidewalk or other public place or on the floor or walls of any store, theater, hall, public vehicle or other place frequented by the public or to which the public is invited.
Any person violating any provision of this section shall be subject to enforcement as defined in chapter 1, article IV of this Code.
The "code" that is listed directly below this one, bans you from burying a body anywhere but in a cemetery. Also you cannot just "make a cemetery" of your own, you need to use one of theirs. Good to know, Wood Dale.
So what did we learn about Wood Dale, Illinois? Spit on the sidewalk you are in a ton of trouble. Bury a body in your backyard, equally as bad...or maybe worse?

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