With taking just a few easy steps, you can stop your vehicle from being broken in or stolen in Illinois.

Experiencing Vehicle Crime In Illinois

Vehicles are so expensive nowadays that we want to avoid having any bad happen to them at all costs. That included it getting stolen or broken in. Luckily, I've never had a car stolen from me but I've experienced a break-in. All the thieves got was an old phone car charger that really didn't work. The suspects did bust my window which wasn't cheap to replace.

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Preventing Crime On Your Vehicle

It's funny, many times when I read stories in the police blotter or on the internet about vehicles being stolen or robbed, I immediately think to myself that this could have easily been avoided. People just don't use common sense. Don't worry, I'm going to help you out with some easy tips. Trust me, they aren't difficult.

Car thief
Stolen Vehicles In Illinois

Five Tips To Prevent Your Car From Getting 

#1 Lock Your Doors

  • Thieves are looking for the simplest jobs possible. It is so much easier and less risky to hit an unlocked vehicle than a locked one. If your doors are locked, then there's a very good chance the criminals are going to move on to the next car.

#2 Don't Leave The Keys In Your Vehicle

  • I can't believe how many people actually leave the keys in their vehicles. You might as well hang up a sign that says, "Free Please Take Me." Don't even leave your spare key in the car. Who does that?

#3 Don't Leave Valuables In Your Vehicle

  • Thieves have no problem with smashing your window if they see something good to take. It's always best to remove any valuables from your vehicle. If that isn't possible then at least hide them out of plain sight.

#4 Park In A Safe Spot

  • Criminals don't enjoy working under the spotlight. They are most likely to avoid the vehicle parked under a street when there's a perfectly easy car to rob that is parked in a dark alley.

#5 Close Your Windows

  • I guess I'm just worried about it raining in the middle of the night and the inside of my car getting soaked. Once again, you're looking for trouble by leaving your vehicle wide open for all to enter.

I hope those all help you in the future.

The Most Bizarre Items Ever Stolen From Illinois Residents

My mom once told me that "people will steal anything that's not nailed down." Times certainly have changed since then. The thieves now have nail removers.


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