Looking for a little getaway in Madison, Wi? There's one location where taking the kids and grandma, might not be a great idea.

I stumbled across this hotel review on Tripadvisor and it was too good not to share. Apparently Aundrea R. stayed at this location and the atmosphere, the people and the goings on...not so nice.

eunice stahl
eunice stahl

The Red Roof Inn, located in Madison, Wisconsin received a one, out of five star review. Was the bed not made, was the continental breakfast bad, did the toilet not flush? All good answers, but nope...those items appeared to be just fine.

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Aundrea R. referred to this location as a "Drug Dealers Paradise." Whoa, that come serious language. What went on Aundrea???

People doing drug deals right outside the office! People watching you check in so they can break in your car or room. - Aundrea R

Wow that does not sound fun! I hope she got a mint on her pillow at least?? What else did Aundrea R. have to say?

And when you complain and ask for a refund the staff will LIE and give you a FAKE confirmation number for your refund. - Audrea R

Well, hell...that does not sound like any sort of paradise to me. I wonder what the rate per night was at a fantastic business like this? $15-$25 a night, cash only of course...

The final comment on Audrea's review pretty much brings it home, and offers a warning:

Don't stay you are risking your life!! - Aundrea R.

Thank you Aundrea, I'll stay somewhere else.


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