The school year is wrapping up soon, what are your kids doing all summer?

Photo - Kristin Davis
Photo - Kristin Davis


So there are swimming lessons, summer jobs, walking the neighbors dogs, and so on. What's the plan for your kids this summer? I'm sure the Nintendo Switch, a bag of chip on the couch sounds great to them.

I always did odd jobs growing up during the summertime. A lot of lawn mowing happened for sure, but I also had a lot of fun. I would get together with my buddy Mike and we would head over to Kristin's house on a sunny day knowing that there was the chance for some sunbathing. Those were the days.

Getting your kids involved in music, and learning to play an instrument is important at a young age. Hand eye coordination, memory, stimulating the brain with musical patterns and song structure can help in many other future interests.

Here are some places locally to get your kids involved and take lessons:

  • Forest City Music Studio
  • Music Academy in Rockford
  • Pape Conservatory of Music
  • Studio 3 Piano Lessons
  • Neighborhood Music
  • Music Academy



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