This 4,000 sqft home that overlooks Forest Hills Country Club on Landstrom Rd is one of the more unique in the area. Let's take a tour.

House 2

Right off the bat I'm getting a real Brady Bunch vibe here. Not sure if it's the sprawling layout or that light green paint matched up with brick exterior but I wouldn't be surprised if Alice is in the kitchen whipping up a meatloaf.

House 3

Here's a huge selling point. Gorgeous indoor pool with what I believe is a hot tub in the corner with plenty of windows to give some natural light. If you really want to show off you can pump some iron before taking a dip.

House 4

Pretty sure this is a sauna. Never been a sauna guy. Too hard to breathe and usually too many naked dudes. The acoustics in here are probably pretty good. Maybe I could record a podcast in there. Clothing would NOT be optional for my guests.

House 5

Is this a sun room? Let's call it that. If you had any sort of green thumb I'm sure you could get quite the mini forest going on in here. Notice the high ceiling in here. That's a theme throughout the house. Lot's of room for tall guys. Like that a lot.

House 6


Now this is an interesting look for a kitchen. Not sure if I'm a fan of the speckled marble but I really dig the floors. Those cabinets have to go though. Are they dirty? They look really out of place.

House 7

Now this room is cool. After doing some research I believe that is a stained concrete floor. Don't see that every day. Exposed rafters and a big sunroof are cool. The fact that it looks like it's about 25 feet at the apex is awesome. You could almost fly a kite in this living room.

House 9

Here's where things get a little weird. I'm assuming that this is the master bathroom and if you look closely the shower is right in the middle of the room. Like there's an entrance and an exit to the thing. I'm just a regular guy that's been showering in a 1-door shower my whole life. What else in life have I been missing out on?

House 10

Here's a look at the other side of the walk through shower. I can't get enough of this bathroom. I MUST shower in something like this before it's all over. Not much of a bath guy but that tub looks like something I might actually fit in to, so that's nice.

House 11

Now we come to what's put my mind in a pretzel. You go downstairs to a game room and there's more skylights. How? It seems like you'd just look up right into the kitchen. Weird. Sweet pool table though. Owners probably wanted to take it with but it looks like a pain in the butt to move. Lots of room for activities. No word on if the stick plants come with the house. You can probably haggle.

House 13

Here's the backyard I think. Throw some koi in that pond and you have a party. Another huge plus for this house is that I see barely any grass. Mowing the yard is the worst.

Looks pretty cool to me. Need to take a tour to figure out the whole skylight in the basement thing but I'm sure there's a logical explanation.

It could all be yours if you have half a million to spend. That sounds like a lot but remember you might not have to buy a lawn mower. It all evens out in the end.

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