The 2022 World Cheese Curds Championship was dominated by this one state.

Did You Know There Is World Championship Cheese Contest?

To be honest, I had no idea there was a World Championship Cheese Contest, though I am not surprised. It seems like nowadays you can find some sort of competition for everything, especially food. Cheese is very popular all over the world so it just makes sense.


Where Is The World Championship Cheese Contest Held

It is no surprise, the World Championship Cheese Contest is held in Wisconsin. This year the host city is Madison during the first week of March. I think it give the "Cheeseheads" in Wisconsin the home field advantage. Kind of like the Rams playing the Super Bowl in L.A.


How Are The Different Cheeses Are Judged

According to,

"Entries are evaluated by a team of skilled technical judges from all over the world."


"Starting from a maximum possible 100 points, deductions are made for various defects found by each judge."


"Defects are noted in the areas of flavor, body and texture, salt, color, finish, packaging, and other appropriate attributes."



The cheeses are assigned to a category with the top three in each segment receiving a medal: gold, silver, and bronze.

Kraft Cheese Recall
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One State Dominated The Cheese Competition

Of course, there was one state that dominated the whole contest. You probably already know, it is Wisconsin. It was a pretty safe bet since they are know for dairy products and in particular, cheese.

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Wisconsin Has The Best Cheese Curds In The World

And the winner is, Wisconsin for the best cheese curds in the world. In fact, the state won all three awards for curds. Here are the award winners for the different categories.

nacho chip with cheese
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For more info about the World Championship Cheese Contest, HERE.

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