Oh poor Eeyore, Arkansas hasn't been nice to you.

donkey (4 years)

An Arkansas man is accused of lovin' a family's pet a little too much. Everett Compton Jr was hiding in the bushes when law enforcement arrived on the property. Why was he hiding, let's check the video. O.K. we aren't really going to watch a video, but that's what happened.

According to reports and surveillance videos, (yuck) Everett was caught in "some type of sexual interaction"  with a donkey.

The charges against Everett Compton Jr are as follows:

  • Four counts of bestiality
  • Four counts of criminal trespassing
  • Five counts of cruelty to animals

There of course were the German Valley stories years ago, to which I've heard conflicting reports. Also there was a donkey painted like a zebra in Pecatonica, which was ONLY FOR FAMILY FRIENDLY photo's. Let's just keep the rest in Arkansas.

Speaking of an ass, here's Bob Zany:





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