Dogs, cats, fish, how about a pet donkey?

donkey (4 years)

For as messy as they can be at times, I do love my dogs a lot. I wonder if I could share some of that love with a per "Mini-Donkey"?

According to Fox13 in Arizona, there are a total of 20 tiny donkeys that need a home. You can adopt one of these little fellas, that come in a variety of colors and sizes.
There is a $400 mini-donkey adoption fee, for more info you can go to

This got me thinking, a lot, like way too much.  So we adopt a tiny donkey here at The Eagle, what can do with Jimmy? Yes , I already named our pet mini-donkey.

So here are my ideas for some Rockford Mini-Donkey fun:

  • Take Jimmy on a horse drawn carriage ride through downtown Rockford
  • Canoe ride at Rock Cut State Park
  • Hike the hills at Alpine Park
  • Kick the soccer ball around at Indoor Sports Center
  • Uber, everywhere
  • Symbol photo shoot

Now we do have a huge field behind the radio station where it can graze.





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