My family spends a lot of time at our family cabin in Wisconsin, and each time we go we board our big dog, Gentry, at Westwinn Kennels on S Hoisington Road in Pecatonica, Illinois.

Westwinn Kennels via Facebook
Westwinn Kennels via Facebook

Gentry just turned one year old, and he has stayed at Westwinn Kennels 3 times so far, and I am here to tell you they take excellent care of the dogs they board there. Before Gentry's first stay at Westwinn I was nervous because I have never boarded any of my dogs before, and Gentry was a little nervous too so it took a little coaxing to get him in the doors. Evidently, Gentry loved his first stay at Westwinn, because each time we've dropped him off since then he can't wait to get inside!

Westwinn Kennels Needs to Find New Homes for 3 Dogs Abandoned There 2 Years Ago

Gentry will be enjoying another stay at Westwinn Kennels soon, so yesterday I hopped on their Facebook to see what was happening and I saw this post...

You guys, I don't need to know the circumstances of these dogs' abandonment or why they waited two years to rehome them to know it absolutely breaks my heart. These three boys may enjoy their current life at Westwinn Kennels, but they deserve a home to call their own, and people to love them unconditionally in their final years. If my home wasn't already at max dog capacity I would bring them home in an instant!

If you have room in your heart and home for these old dogs with a lot of love to give, PLEASE send Westwinn Kennels a message on Facebook right now.

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