2021 was, "interesting." Tensions were high, everyone and their brother has a different opinion of what's the right and wrong way to stay "safe." It's just one thing after another.

Well this Illinois high school teacher has has enough...of everyone...and everything...Including one student specifically, at Glenbard North High School.

Well this thing boiled over quick. A student at Glenbard North High School in Illinois, pulled his mask down while walking the hallways and this teacher wasn't having any of it. CitizenStringer

Mr. Scott Grigoletto was caught on film (dude, every student has a phone) letting this kid have it for not wearing his mask and threatened to call the cops on him. As if that was absurd enough, he then said he would be put in an "in school suspension with a military officer" and then offered a parting shot as he turned the corner to walk away:

"...because you're a piece of sh*t!"

Note that the student at Glenbard North High School was getting blasted by this teacher for wearing his mask below his nose...look at the teacher and how he's wearing his when he is freakin' losing his marbles! UNDER HIS NOSE!!!

I get it Mr. Grigoletto, safety...I totally understand, for sure. But what's with the power trip and abuse of power when you are doing the same damn thing?

You can tell the teacher was on a mission and was following the kid waiting to bust him...Pretty lame Mr. G.

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