2021 sure was interesting! What to do, where to go, do I wear a mask, do I need a vaccination card, can a baby just go to Walmart ALONE?? Apparently in Rockton the answer is YES to that last part.

When you are hungry, you're hungry...Apparently this toddler was HANGRY and took matters into his own hands. It's not everyday you see the vehicle in front of you actually parked in the lines, and then throw in the fact that it's one of those toddler bouncy thingies!

Here's how this happened over the summer:

I was doing a typical Walmart run on Sunday, you know a pipe wrench, paper towels, sailboat fuel...and I came across this amazing parking job that left so many questions unanswered.

You see just about anything and everything at Walmart...Amazing wardrobe choices, stars of America's Next Top Model, cars help together with duct tape and chewed up gum. America.

O.K. so my questions, there are so questions...forget "where are the parents" this is a serious article, so serious.

How long did it take toddler legs to get all the way to Walmart?

There are homes close by, but still...little legs are little legs. What a cardio workout.

Did the kid come with a list?

There are only so many thing that you can fit in that bouncy thing...Maybe some formula, a few packs of smokes and a new NASCAR shirt?

How did that kid know how to park so damn good?

Seriously, check this out. Within the lines, wheels going the same direction, perfectly parked.

Capt Jack
Capt Jack

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