Social Media if used correctly (whatever that means) can be pretty fun. Try this restaurant, look at my silly dog, "hey I'm grounded, I need Facebook likes to get ungrounded." How did that work out, kid?

So here was the story from April of 2021:

I'm pretty sure that if there was Facebook when I was growing up, this would NOT have helped the situation one bit. Actually it would have met with a "do you honestly think this helps you..." and then a looooong dramatic pause to make me think about what I did.

Meet Connor Gates. Connor used a debit card without permission. Connor is now in deep doo doo and is grounded. Connor took this opportunity to try out social media to "unground" himself.

At the time that I am writing this, Connor has 63 likes, 63. That's not quite one million, buddy.

Connor, I'm gonna do you a solid here. This is a list of five OTHER things you can do to get ungrounded, since this obviously won't work.

  • 1. Clean up ALL the dog poop for a month - Physical labor, and it need to be done.
  • 2. Tell your mother 5 times per day that you love her - No sarcasm allowed
  • 3. What ever the dollar amount is that spent on the debit card, that many push-ups. So you spent $20, that's 20 push-ups.
  • 4. Mow the lawn in one of your mom's dresses.
  • 5. Don't do that again

Well, good luck to you Connor. If you want to borrow some cash from me, that way you don't get in trouble again, we can work something out. With your love of social media, maybe you can do some work for the radio station and help of the digital side.

So here we are in December and word is, that Connor is still grounded and now has 64 likes. Bummer.

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