In seven years, a man from Illinois has eaten at the same restaurant four-thousand times.

I'm thinking about some of my favorite restaurants over the years. I wonder how many times total I've eaten at them. I bet for some it could get into the hundreds. Even with a menu that has a lot of variety, I'm going to get sick of it and have to move on to something else. Nothing against them, but sometimes you just need a change.

I understand that some people are creatures of habit. They don't like change. Maybe, they never update things in their house. They could wear an identical outfit every day. It could be the same meal. It's how they feel comfortable in life.

I know this guy, let's call him Captain Jack. When he's in training, he'll eat chicken and rice for every meal, every day. Apparently, it makes him happy but he does get crabby during those times.

Okay, so imagine going to the same restaurant once a month. If you really like the place, that sounds reasonable. How about once a week? That might be a bit much. Think about once a day? No, thank you. A couple of times daily? Only if I'm paid to be there. Add to that, showing up thousands of times in just a few short years. I don't think I could afford it.

Well, that's what a guy from Illinois did.

According to,

"John Paul "JP" Bruzek typically eats twice a day at Joliet's Golden Corral on West Jefferson Street. He moved to Joliet eight years ago."

Does he at least change up his meal?

"Day after day, he sticks to his favorites. He orders the same food all the time."

He typically goes there for lunch and dinner, so he must at least eat breakfast at home.

"JP brings lots of business to Golden Corral's next-door neighbor, too — Old Fashioned Pancake House, 2022 W. Jefferson St. He walks there daily for breakfast."

I appreciate his loyalty but can someone please invite him over for dinner?

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