Illinois man jumps in the lake every day to support local music.

Lake Michigan

When I was in high school, whenever my friends and I had a free weekend in the summer we would go into Chicago and head to Oak Street Beach. It was always packed with visitors but still a great time.

There was only one problem. No matter what, the water was cold. The temperatures could be in the 90's for a month straight and it was still freezing. It was refreshing on a hot summer day but not for a long period of time. I could not even imagine getting into it any other time of the year.

Polar Plunge

I have participated in the Polar Plunge for the last few years. That is definitely cold enough. Olsen Lake at Rock Cut State Park is not nearly as bad as Lake Michigan. Especially, when you throw in the wind.

That event is only once a year and it is totally worth it for such a great cause like Special Olympics. That is plenty for a cold jump in a lake.

Video: 96.7 The Eagle "Polar Plunge 2021" Video

The Impossible Combo

So what if you combined the weather and diving into the water every day. Would anyone actually ever attempt that? In my mind, I say no way but one brave soul is doing it in Chicago to support a great cause.

Here Is The Story

On June 13th, 2020, Dan O'Conor was really hungover. The frustrations of the day along with the ongoing pandemic caught up with him, so he decided to tie one on.

He was trying to figure out a remedy to feel better, so he dove into Lake Michigan. It really did help. After that, he started doing it every day. He is now approaching his one-year anniversary.

His new hobby earned him the nickname "Great Lake Jumper."

According to,

"He had no thought of becoming the Great Lake Jumper, the crazy guy who would jump into the lake every single day for a year, no matter the conditions, drawing attention to the plight of musicians and music venues hurt by the coronavirus shutdown."

What's Next

"At this point, it should be simple for O’Conor to keep going through June 12, which will be Day 365. He isn’t saying for sure he’ll quit that day. But he’s got a family vacation scheduled for July on Cape Cod, so it will end."

Video Of Jumps from Great Lake Jumper Twitter Page


For A Good Cause

After several days of jumping into the lake, people starting asking if he was doing it for a special cause. In the beginning, he was not but decided that would be a great idea.

O'Conor is a big music fan, so he decided to support the local music venues that have been closed for the past year. The organization is called Chicago Independent Venue League. For more info, HERE.

This is so cool how a goofy little action turned into this big deal. Way to go, Dan, keep jumping into the lake.

Video: Great Lake Jumper supports Chicago musicians, entertainers with daily Lake Michigan dive

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