This past year was filled with ups and downs and for Cyndi the downs outweighed the ups. While nothing can replace what she lost, one local woman is doing her best to shower her with love and light.

There are moments in your life that will always stick with you. For me that happens a lot when I'm not actually the one living the moment, but instead hearing someone else talk about their moments.

You hear a story that sounds unfathomable, but it's true and you think, wow, life can really be terrible sometimes.

And while we can't change the terrible, there are some people out there, doing their best to shine love and light in those dark places.

In this case, that person doing their best comes in a tiny package with a big heart, Annetta Michelle.

Annetta started the 815 Makeover Movement five years ago, finding women in the area that deserve to be pampered.

What started with one small idea and a pretty wonderful day of pampering has turned into a global experience.

For the past three years, I have had the honor to be a part of the movement on Good Day Stateline and last night, the most emotional story landed on my couch.

I'll let Annetta, John and Cyndi tell you the rest.

You can be a part of the movement, too, just contact Annetta anytime and let her know how you want to help.

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