I think we can all agree that Illinois has major issues and a clown might be the answer.

The State of Illinois government has a lot of problems. It's so bad, we've become a laughing stock.

Well, if we are going to be a joke, then let's make it really funny.

It's time to copy something going on in Boston right now.

According to upi.com,

"A Clown Candidate is running for Boston City Council."

I'm not talking about a person that is a joke and has no business being in office. I'm talking about an actual clown with makeup and all.

Video: Clown Politician

A clown couldn't do much worse than the people already in Springfield.

Plus, clowns have been given a bad rap because of the whole "creepy clown" thing. This might help them get a better reputation.

Would you vote for a clown?

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