Sometimes laughter and coloring are the best medicine. This 'Adult' coloring book will provide you with hours of entertainment.

kids drawing
Lilyana Vynogradova, ThinkStock

I loved coloring in my coloring books as a kid. I would alternate between markers, crayons and colored pencils. I stopped using colored pencils, and still fear them as an adult thanks to my sister Sara.

See, Sara was quiet, reserved and was never in trouble. She was sneaky.

I was quite young, and she is about a year younger than I. She must have been mad at me, because she viciously sharpened all of her colored pencils and put them sticking up in between the couch cushions.

I went running and jumped on the couch...not knowing what was to come...then, BOOM! green pencil in my butt cheek. OUCH!

I haven't colored in quite a while, yet this coloring book may be the answer to all of my green-pencil-lead problems.

Words can't describe how awesome it is! You've got to see it to believe it!

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