That's one of the perks of being so close to where they film the NBC Chicago based series', the possibility of maybe becoming an extra.

Chicago Fire - Season 2
NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Chicago Fire is just one of four Dick Wolf executive produced shows that is based/filmed in Chicago.

Currently, they are filming their seventh season and are in need of several extras for upcoming episodes.

They are looking for men and women to work as patients and visitors on Tuesday, September 18th. If you are interested email, using "Hospital 9.18 as the subject line. Be sure to include your name, age, height, weight, and phone number.

The second type of extra they are looking for is are kids ages 4 to 10 to work as treat-or-treaters on Friday, September 21st. This will be an exterior shot.

If you would like your child to be an extra email ASAP using "Child 9.21" as the subject. Also include a recent picture of your child along with their name, age, height, weight, and a contact number.

Children must have a Joan Philo or Empire Casting permit to work on Chicago Fire. If your kid already has one, include a copy with your email. Otherwise, they can give you info on how to get one.

This is the only one that I saw that seems to be a paying gig. They are looking for REAL medics to work on Monday, September 24th. The pay rate for a real paramedic is $185/8 plus a $25 special ability bump. Send your photo, name, age, height, weight, and phone number in an email to Make sure to use “Real Paramedic 9.24” as the subject line.  

This episode they are looking for men and women with cars to work on for Monday, September 17th. Email a recent photo, your name, age, height, weight, and phone number to Please include a photo of your car and list the model/year/color. Cars cannot be white, red, black or have any dents/rust/bumper stickers. Be sure to use the subject line  “Ped with Car 9.17”.

Lastly, they are looking men and women who will be playing hotel guests to film on Monday, September 24th and Tuesday, September 25th. Everyone is going to be needed on Monday, while few will have to return on Tuesday.

Submit a recent photo, your name, age, height, weight, and phone number in an email to Using the subject line “Hotel Guest 9.24” or “Hotel Guest 9.24 and 9.25” depending on what your availability is.

With ANY of these extra positions, you may not submit an email if you've worked for Chicago Fire in the last 3 weeks.



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