I'll drink to that!

A new study finds that the average American, hasn't made a new friend in five years.

According to My Stateline 2000 Americans were polled and 45% of adults do simply not make new friends. 42% struggle with shyness as the reason why, and 81% saying finding that buddy that will be around forever is just hard to find.

This is the weirdest stat though, 45% of the people surveyed said they WOULD get new friends if they only knew how....huh?

“For the 45 percent who are looking to make new friends, the best and most underrated way to do that these days is still in-person. You can host a party, or something more low-key like a book club or happy hour, and tell each of your guests to bring a friend”...Piera Pizzo, Evite’s in-house party specialist 


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