Joey Tribbiani introduced me to Thanksgiving Pants. You may remember the Friends Thanksgiving episode (also starring Brad Pitt), if not you can see a clip above.

You may or not base your wardrobe on how much you plan on eating, but you can. Sure sweatpants are an easy go to, or even pajama bottoms. Hey, your pajama pants are good enough for Walmart, but how about looking a little more dignified at the dinner table? Say hello to Thanksgiving Pants.

The actual description on Amazon description is Thanksgiving Pants for women. I say they are for everyone. Your family will be in stitches, when you show up in these turkey leg britches. You will have the last laugh, because you will not only look cool, you will be super comfortable - win win! Or should I say winner, winner, turkey dinner?

If you order a pair of these pants, send me a picture of your wearing them. Happy Thanksgiving.

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