Pet adoption is big in Rockford, but also in Atlanta. What?


There are some great organizations locally if you are thinking about adopting a furry friend.

  • PAWS Humane Society of Rockford
  • Winnebago County Animal Services
  • Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary

But when it comes to cat adoption in Atlanta, Ga look no further than FurKids Animal Rescue and Shelter.

According to Bored Panda, Paul Preston decided to put together a video about cat adoption at FurKids, and this video has exploded.

Mr. Preston is a contractor with a rental property management company, and is pretty hilarious. This video will make you laugh and maybe want to adopt a kitty. His descriptions of the kittens include:

  • Want a black cat, we have the blackest cats you've ever seen. We're talking midnight inside a coffin here.
  • Want sleepy kitties, we've got the sleepiest kitties you've ever seen.
  • Don't like tails, no problem get a cat without one.

There is also kitten high fives, and a cat stare down.

Check out this hilarious video:



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