In the spring I was informed that I needed a surgical procedure, and fast.

attentive look of surgeon

I broke my finger and tried to take care of it myself, sort of. I believed that my finger was just a little banged up. Bruised, swollen, sorta hurt, but some ice and regular dose of Tylenol would cure me. Boy was I super wrong.

Turns out after 3+ weeks of trying to be "Dr. Captain Jack", going to see a doctor was probably a good idea. I did in fact go three weeks and drove an RV to Ohio with my Boo-Boo.

So after getting X-rays, and being sent to the hospital for an emergency procedure, I am all better. The finger had two pins put in it, and it probably is at about 80%. Sound fun right? Actually the fun stuff was post surgery when I was coming out of my "haze". According to "eye witnesses" I was very thirsty, pretty demanding, and completely got my way.

At the time of this finger surgery I was about four months into training for a bodybuilding show. So the amount of food and water I was consuming was part of my daily structure. When they put you under, you need to stop eating and drinking hours before. So when I "came to" as you can imagine I was very thirsty and was freaking about about my protein consumption.

Obviously they want you to take it slow with eating and drinking post coming out of your anesthesia. Thankfully the nurses were super awesome and let me pound waters and even got me a Muscle Milk, which I'm sure I paid like $19 for.

The good news is, I didn't do anything like this young lady. The nurse playing along is probably the best part.




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