The life of a nurse isn't an easy one. Anita Bowers not only does a phenomenal job, she also goes above and beyond for her patients.

Being a nurse is one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. No, I am not a nurse personally of course, but many special people in my life are.

They spend their time working twelve hour shifts, to stay even later to make sure their paperwork is done and correct. Nurses cry silently in the shadows when a patient they cared for passes. Nurses get the brunt of family frustration and anguish when their loved one's health deteriorates. That is just the beginning of the ice burg of nursing.

It's hard to imagine after such long and excruciating days that a nurse would even think about going to work the next day, let alone with such a warm and genuine smile on their face.

Anita Bowers, from SwedishAmerican, not only puts a smile on her face everyday she works, she also goes above and beyond for her patients.

According to WTVO's Stateline Strong piece, Anita Bowers has been awarded the "Daisy of the Year" award. This award is given to a nurse for their compassion and clinical skills.

Anita received the award because she drove a mother of a patient to Madison to be with her son.


Congratulations to Anita Bowers!

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