Racing is underway at The Rockford Speedway for 2017.

Photo - Rockford Speedway
Photo - Rockford Speedway

This is year number 70 of operation for the Rockford Speedway. Congrats to the entire Deery family and all that have been involved over the years. Personally, I have never had a bad time at The Rockford Speedway. Always plenty of fun run by this class organization.

So Sunday was a beautiful, hot day for racing at The Rockford Speedway. The sun was shining and Turn One was even hotter.

When you have cars crammed into that track flying around at high rates of speed, anything can and will happen.

There was a pretty scary situation on Sunday that could have been tragic.  To quote Steve Dickson:

I want to thank the Rockford Speedway Safety Crew and Wrecker drivers for their hard work yesterday. Several scary situations were handled pretty quickly. Nice Job!

Check out this video and how fast things happened Sunday.



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