When most things were postponed or cancelled during the summer of 2020, racing did happen at the Rockford Speedway, but the experience wasn't quite the same.

The thrills, crashes and excitement of racing were still there, but there were fewer fans allowed into the stands and that was kind of a bummer. Thankfully, racing will be back at the Rockford Speedway in 2021, and they're kicking off the season in a big way!

To race fans' delight, it only takes one look at Rockford Speedway's website to see they are totally ready to roll with a full season of racing excitement! (Check out the 2021 schedule of events here.)

I wish I could tell you the racing experience will be completely back to normal at the Rockford Speedway this season, but since we still haven't kicked COVID's butt completely, I'm sure that isn't exactly the case.

Last season COVID-19 not only affected the amount of tickets sold for each day of racing at the Rockford Speedway, but it changed the way tickets were picked up, and how traffic flowed throughout the grounds. Some of the food menu items were also changed in the interest of safety. Although I haven't been able to find official COVID policies for the 2021 season on the Speedway's website, I think it's safe to assume those aspects won't be changing much for the start of the 2021 season. Better get your racing masks ready, and buy your tickets now before they sell out at rockfordspeedway.com!

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