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There's a YouTube Channel for just about any interest you may have. Sports, music, watching other people play video games, cooking, and even a "Rockford Christmas Lights" Channel.

"Rockford Christmas" is just that. Now this channel only has a handful of videos, but the person that put this page together is for sure in the holiday spirit and is on the right path. This collection of various Rockford Christmas light displays, is pretty incredible. The videos are set to music and even include movie clips, awesome!

Check this one out from 2009, complete with TSO music and some "Christmas Vacation" sounds:

I'm always blown away by the dedication the people have to going big. If you are going to go Clark Griswold with your own home, you better make sure the little ones are working.

Here's another from the 900 block of 20th Street in Rockford. This video was taken back in 2013:

This next one from 2012 is easily my favorite. Throw a "subscribe" to this YouTube Channel so we can influence the creative mind behind this to do an updates "96.7 The Eagle" version...That would be pretty cool huh? I've reached out to the person behind this page in hopes of a new 2020 video, fingers are crossed!

If you have an awesome Rockford lights display, get ahold of us and let's share these on the Eagle FB page!

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