Medieval Times in Schaumburg has replaced its longtime king with a brand new queen.

Have you ever seen the castle in Schaumburg, Illinois? You might have passed it on I-90 on your way to Chicago. It's the home of "Medieval Times."

Basically, it's a dinner theater that takes you back to the days of knights, castles, and kings. They serve a "Medieval" themed dinner and entertain with a jousting tournament show. Great fun for the whole family.

If you never been there, the Jim Carrey movie, "Cable Guy," has a funny scene about the experience.

Video: Movie "Cable Guy" starring Jim Carrey, "Medieval Times" scene

Since the beginning, there has been a king ruling the castle and land of "Medieval Times." Now, that is all changing.

According to,

"Medieval Times is replacing all of its kings with queens." 

A change in leadership means a different storyline.

"The queen has taken over for her fallen father. As she seeks out the best knight in the land, a knight who has been acting dishonorably challenges her authority.”

Some people consider it a family-friendly version of the popular TV show "Game of Thornes."

I can hear the "God Save The Queen" chants coming from Woodfield Mall now.

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