At the Medieval Times in Schaumburg, the knights will be back at action soon.

When I was growing up, I was a big fan of action-type shows and movies. Things like space, police, superheroes, and monsters. Some of my favorites were "Star Wars," "CHiPs," "Superman," and "Godzilla." I had a bunch of the toys and action figures to go along with it.

Then in school, we started learning about the Renaissance. I was not too excited about it until my teacher starting talking about knights, jousting, kings, and more. That definitely got my attention. Then I started reading books about "King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable." I really thought that stuff was cool.

I remember one year for Christmas, my parents gave me some toy knights as a present. They were kind of like toy soldiers. I would build castles out of my Legos. For a school play in fourth grade, I got to be a king. That was a pretty big deal for me.

My family took a trip to Kenosha, Wisconson one summer so I could attend the Bristol Renaissance Faire. That was so cool. They actually had a jousting tournament with knights. I basically spend my whole time watching that action. My dad even took me to see the movie "Excalibur" though I was probably too young at the time.

Of course, like a lot of things I grew out of that stuff. I had not really thought about it for a long time. Then Medieval Times opened up in Schaumburg. I was not sure what it was all about but then I saw the Jim Carey movie, "Cable Guy." There is a great scene featuring a visit there. If you never saw it, I found the clip on YouTube, so you can check it out.

Video: The Cable Guy (4/8) Movie CLIP - Welcome to Medieval Times (1996) HD

Ever since then, it has been on my bucket list for a place I would like to go experience. For some crazy reason, it just has never worked out. I have driven by it thousands of times through the years. I did go there once for "Who Wants to be a MIllionaire" tryouts, but it just was not the same. Plus, I did not make the show.

With so many fun places closed for the past year, I really started thinking about my "wishlist." Medieval Times is moving up and I want to make that happen sometime in the near future. Recently, there was some good news announced about the location in Schaumburg.

According to,

"Get ready for the return of some epic battles next month. Medieval Times, a national restaurant chain, will reopen its Schaumburg location in April after being closed for the past year amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Texas-based company, with nine castles in the United States and one in Toronto, is currently taking reservations for performances starting April 22 at the 2001 N Roselle Road location."

Hopefully, I will get my chance sometime this year.

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