Is there anybody in Rockford that deserves to be knighted?

Obviously, there aren't any real knights anymore. Unless you go to a renaissance fair like the Bristol Renaissance Fair in the Chicago suburbs.

Countries in Europe like England, where they still have a monarchy honor people by knighting them. It's usually celebrities.

For example in Engand, Paul McCartney, Elton John, and Mick Jaggar all have been knighted. Now, they are referred to as Sir Paul, Sir Elton, and Sir Mick.

Recently, Lars Ulrich, the drummer for Metallica, was knighted in his native country of Denmark.

What if Mayor of Rockford, Tom McNamara, became King Tom. Then he would have the power to knight people. Who should he honor with knighthood?

People From Rockford That Should Be Knights

  • Joe Marino - He is Mr 4th of July.
  • Andy Gannon - That guy has been on TV forever.
  • Dr. T - He sponsors and goes to everything.
  • Kimberla Lawson Roby - New York Times Best Selling Author.
  • Kevin Olson - Hall of Fame Race Car Driver.
  • Brock Spack - Head Coach of Illinois State University Football.
  • Daniel McMahon - Guitar player for Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts.
  • Jody Deery - Owner of Rockford Speedway.
  • Hammy - He's a big deal with the IceHogs.
  • Captain Jack - He would actually wear the armor.

Who do you think should he honored with Rockford knighthood?

Video: How To Tie a Tie With Rockford Mayor Elect Tom McNamara


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