Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs are being recalled just in time for summer.

Massive Hot Dog Recall Hits Rockford And The Rest Of Illinois

In what I'm calling the "Great Wiener Recall of 2017", Nathan's Famous 200,000 pounds of Nathans and Curtis hot dogs are being recalled, just as wiener consuming season has begun.

According to WIFR The departments Food Safety and Inspection Service announced that a Cincinnati based company is recalling approximately 210,606 pounds of hot dogs. The reason, some products that may be contaminated with metal. Yes, you may have metal in your wiener.

Here are the two types you should check your fridge for:

  • 14 ounce packages of Nathans Skinless 8 Beef Franks with a use-by date of August 19
  • 16 ounce sealed film packages of Curtis Beef Master Beef Franks with a use-by date of June 15

Look in your fridge and see if you have these dogs chilling, then toss them. A little mustard, ketchup YES ketchup, but no metal in my wiener please.

If you have questions about these wieners, here is the consumer help line:

1 (877) 933-4625



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