I'll never forget August 20, 2004 seeing the Tinley Park Lights.

Whenever I don't understand something, like how the pyramids were built, I just say it's aliens. When in doubt, blame the aliens.

August 20th was a hot day and I was working at a bar/restaurant in the south suburbs of Chicago. I watched as each of my customers, in a bar full of over 200 people, walk outside and stare at the sky.

Of course, I had to follow. I went outside, looked up into the sky and I saw three red lights. They were in a strange triangle pattern and something I couldn't quite rap my head around. They sat there for a while, then all of sudden, they were gone. At one point in time, a commercial airline went straight through the strange red lights! WHAT!?!?!

'The Lights over Tinley Park' became the most corroborated UFO sighting in the entire country. Here is a video that explains more of the phenomenon that I saw:

I'm not going to lie, it freaked me out big time. I think about it sometimes when looking out to the night sky.

There has been reports of a UFO sighting in Rockford as well in 2001. Did you see that? If so, can you try to explain it to me in the comments below?

From what I have heard from others, there were multiple orange and red lights. Was it anything like what I saw?


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