If you want a real look inside the people of Rockford, Illinois, then you have to check out the short film series called "Our City, Our Story Rockford, Illinois" by local filmmaker, Pablo Korona.

The first time I met Pablo Korona I was blown away. He's a Rockford native that loves and cares about his community.

He believes behind all the bad publicity that Rockford gets, there are a lot of good people doing incredible things. All these people have great stories. It's not all feel good. There are struggles, but they overcome in the end.

The stories bring and connect Rockford to the rest of the world. They give hope and inspiration. It shows Rockford is not a bad place to be.

Even talking about his work gives me chills. Once you start watching one episode, you will be binge-watching "Our City, Our Story Rockford, Illinois" faster than you can say Netflix.

Please take a few minutes and watch the video interview I did with Pablo. You will see how passionate he is about this project. This is a great thing for our community. Then check out the film series.

Video: Pablo Korona explains "Our City, Our Story Rockford, Illinois" film series

If you anybody in the area that needs to have their story heard, please let him know. He is always looking for ideas.

To watch the series go to the website, ourcityourstory.com and his Facebook page, facebook.com/ourcityourstory. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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