Are you a white knuckle type, or do you live with "No Fear?" When you want to get spooked, do you hit up a cheesy haunted house locally or do you REALLY want the "goes bump in the night," stuff.


Here is a cemetery located about two hours away from Rockford that is known as THE SCARIEST in all of Illinois. What say you? Do you have it in you? Or would this make you pee your pants? ONLY

The Aux Sable Cemetery in Minooka, Illinois has has so many sightings and so many "not right" things happen that it's known as THE scariest. You know the whole, your car will roll backward while in neutral thing? This is next level:

"(Aux Sable Cemetery) rumored to be haunted by a young female apparition that likes to play pranks on those who visit. Some who have been to this remote and haunted cemetery have reported their electric car windows lowering all by themselves or manual car locks locking by themselves. Mysterious fires and mists have also supposedly been witnessed at this cemetery. Those who tell the tales also swear there is a tunnel beneath the caretaker's building."

O.K. so if my windows went down on their own, I would pee a little. That's just not right. What about if a random fire started on it's own? There has also been reports of doors swinging open in the above ground tombs. O.K. so rusty chains, wind, weather, I get that. But the one recounting this story claims that when she returned the following day, the entire door was gone. WTH!

Do you have what it takes to visit Minooka, IL and the Aux Sable Cemetery?

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