Chicago business offers dinner, massage, and sauna for one-stop shopping.

I Want To Apologize To The Ladies

What Is This Place?

This place is called the Chicago Sweatlodge. It definitely has an interesting name. If the title is any description of what kind of business it is, I am not too sure how I feel about it because I am not a fan of being hot and sweating.

According to the Chicago Sweatlodge Facebook page...

"Chicago Sweatlodge is a unique destination for those looking to experience the best of the Russian and Turkish bathhouse traditions, enjoy great fresh Eastern European cuisine, and relax in the midst of a warm home-like aura."


"We are looking forward to meeting you and your friends and provide you with the greatest Russian Style Sauna Experience in Chicago!"


"We offer a full-day admission of $ 25.00 which includes unlimited same-day access to the Russian/Turkish sauna, our lounge with comfortable leather furniture, and restaurant."

Here Are Things You Can Experience At The Chicago Sweatlodge

  • Dry Russian Sauna
  • Wet Turkish Sauna
  • Ice Cold Pool
  • Comfortable Lounge
  • Professional Massage Services
  • Great Restaurant
  • Free Internet
  • Peaceful Atmosphere
  • Free Parking
  • Towels and shower shows provided
  • Weekday Club
  • Full-day admission $25 includes unlimited same-day access
  • And other stuff

For more info, HERE.

Video: Russian Banya and Turkish Sauna in Chicago

This could be a very strange but interesting experience.

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