Do your kids know how to write in cursive?

Chalkboard Covered With Sentences
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With I-Pads, laptops and smart boards, teaching cursive handwriting in Illinois schools has pretty much left the classroom.

My oldest son is 17, I remember him learning cursive at a young age. My youngest son is 14, and the amount of cursive handwriting he was taught was far less. Technology has taken over the classroom in a huge way, so why even teach it?

According to Fox 32 an Illinois House vote was approved 67-48, requiring elementary and high schools to teach cursive. So learning to actually write, and not text everything with your thumbs is coming back.

Chicago Democratic Rep Emanuel Chris Welch says:

It's important that tech-savvy children retain cursive writing to read historical documents, write personal notes and sign documents.


Being left handed, my cursive hand writing skills were always suspect. But boy did we work on our cursive all the time.


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