Rockford University Economics expert gives advice on the lottery.

$700 million dollars!!! What would you do with $700 million dollars? That's where the Powerball drawing is at for this evening.

Scott Olson, Getty Images

Everyone is running out to get there tickets to try to score a piece of the prize.

According to WTVO, this is the fourth largest Powerball drawing in Illinois, the sixth largest jackpot in the entire United States!

But with ever ticket you purchase, what are the odds of actually winning?

Robert Evans, a Rockford University Economics Professor says your chances of winning isn't too high, even if you bought twenty tickets.

There are so many different combinations the numbers can turn up as. Chances of winning are slim. He says the best thing to do is invest your money instead of spending it on lottery tickets.

But as my Grandmother used to say, "you can't win if you don't play."

If you have purchased a ticket... I say to you, good luck! And don't forget about the little people when you are rich, wink wink.