Oh how I miss watching Michael on a regular basis.

Game 5 NBA Finals - Chicago Bulls v Los Angeles Lakers

The pure magic of watching Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls in the 1990's, was so much fun. At times it felt as a Bulls fan that I took is for granted. Michael is on fire, Bulls win again, Jordan hit an impossible shot. But now that I have teenage boys I think I'm having more fun explaining to them just how amazing he was.

Michael Jordan had so many amazing games. Whether it was his 55 against the New York Knicks, finally knocking the Detroit Pistons down to earth, his epic games against Bird and Magic, and of course all the times he broke ever heart in Cleveland.

I found this video that is narrated by Adam Kontras.This is a really well put together video package about a Cleveland fan that made fun of Michael and his new shoes. Micheal Jordan was wearing his brand new "Jordan XI" shoes and according to the loud front row fan, was the reason he only had six points at half time. Poke the bear, heckler the greatest of all time, and watch this unfold.




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