It looks like the rest of the country might finally be finding out how cool the Cub's All-Star shortstop is. 

Javy and Willson Contreras will be representing the Cubs at the All-Star game tomorrow as the starting shortstop and catcher. (Kris Bryant will be there as well as a bench player, but he's kind of boring so we'll leave him out of the discussion.)

Have the Cubs ever had two guys who were this cool AND good wear the Cubbie blue?

Mark Grace? He was cool off the field and a great, great player on it but didn't exude the cool confidence these two guys have.

Rizzo is close to being this cool but he's still got a little bit of nerd/I'm kind of but not really the captain vibe going on.

I've heard good things about Fergie Jenkins but he was a little before my time so I'm not sure if he was this cool.

These guys have reached Cub fans of all shape and sizes and everyone loves them. It's great when your favorite ball players and also good dudes and with the exception of a certain infielder for the Cubs (looking at you Addison) it's fair to say the Cubs have that in spades.

Such a fun team to follow. Can't wait to see what the guys get done in the All-Star game.

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